Whether you are an experienced or first-time property investor, we invite anyone to find out how they can take more control of their financial future.

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Come and find out what some of Australia’s best and highest paid advisers are telling their clients about wealth creation.

This educational seminar has been purposely designed to provide a simple financial solution that will help you to make educated and informed decisions about your money and to help you to achieve your lifestyle and financial goals through sound property investment.

In addition to learning some exciting property investment strategies, at this educational seminar event:

  • You’ll learn how to effectively structure yourself to pay less tax and how to use these tax savings to fund a significant portion of your property investment portfolio;
  • You’ll also learn how to use your superannuation to invest in residential investment property and enjoy the many tax benefits offered by this structure;
  • You’ll  begin to understand the fundamental differences between good and bad properties and why a diversified portfolio often represents a more secure option;
  • You’ll also get all the latest research and key performance indicators that will help you to make an educated and informed investment decision;

Plus so much more is jam packed into this 90 minute seminar event!

Steven Khawaga

Head of Property, IQ Asset Management

With over 25 years experience in property investing, Steven is a passionate Property Advisor that seeks to build long-term relationships as they achieve their personal goals. Steven enjoys helping clients build wealth through property portfolios, particularly those who never thought it would be possible. Purchasing his first property at 19 and another two before his 25th birthday, Steven has grown his own impressive portfolio, enabling him to pay off his first home within 5 years.

Your FREE Gift Fitness Tracker

For attending the seminar, you will receive a Fitness Tracker as thank you gift from IQ Asset Management. Bring your partner or a friend and they will get one too!